CULTURE NIGHT: 22 September, 2017. 

 Special guests: BACKWEST & MOTH & BUTTERFLY.

Special guests: BACKWEST & MOTH & BUTTERFLY.

Katie's is a restored thatched cottage in the Claddagh, Galway.  In addition to our heritage & design studio we provide space for community events & live cultural performances.  

In association with Galway City Council Arts Office, we have a special line up for you on Culture Night.


3pm: START POINT: Outside Galway City Museum: TALK on the Galway Hooker Boat Tradition, by Skipper Ciaran Oliver, followed by a walk up to Katie's Claddagh Cottage for a narrated tour of pre-1930s Claddagh history with optional tea & scones. 

4.45: Backwest.  

Live Performance by BackWest. 

This is not just any four piece band. Music, song and dance with Tyrone's legendary virtuoso PJ McDonald (tin whistle and guitar), Galway's well known brother and sister duo Maureen and Brendan Browne (fiddle and button accordion), as well as Lord of the Dance, Peter Vickers (percussion and dance).

This is why we love Galway!

8pm: MOTH & BUTTERFLY.  A night of Storytelling and Improvisation

 story telling Theme for September is 'In A Pickle'

Further info can be obtained via facebook / @mothandbutterflystories

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Claddagh life was built around traditional fishing culture.

Community boat tour with skipper Ciaran Oliver, one of the original Claddagh Families. 

We provide space in our design studio (free of charge) to the local community, artists, musicians etc.  So far, we have had completely free events for the public by Moth and Butterfly, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí, BackWest Music, Dusty Banjo & a fabulous poetry to music event by poet Gerry McDonnell, writer, Margarita Meklina & musicians, Alain Halima & Maja Elliot in collaboration with The Western Writer's Centre and Galway Fringe Festival. 

Claddagh Hitory

Artists in Residence

We are hoping to provide space for an 'artist in residence' throughout the winter months. 

Master Stone Carver, Ray Flaherty visiting Katie's from Galway Salvage Gallery. 

We have further free events planned including a Heritage Week event, and an evening of music and poetry for Culture Night.

In addition, we are delighted to be working with content curator & visual storyteller, Anna King, who has a PhD in arts-based social & cultural development.  She is currently identifying potential funding for next year to run a number of projects to support community regeneration in the area.  Contact Dr. Anna King (086 3952831) for any queries, or if you would like to become a Claddagh Community Heritage Sponsor. 

Shaley Day

By Órla Mc Govern from moth & butterfly

The sun is out, thank God, so it’s washday in the Claddagh.

Out of small pale houses tumble bundles of colour-

Women with kite tails of children in tow, and piles of cloth in baskets

Mirroring the thick thatch of the rooves.

They take water from the tap on the street and sit on their stools,

Solving the problems of the world

as their fingers knead the wet woolen threads.

Máirin is whitewashing the front of her house on this fine day.

She uses her broom to paint the walls the whitest of white,

Then stands back, proudly, to survey her work.

In one house Seanín is playing in the corner with rocks and stones,

Making little boats and sailors from the shapes in his hand.

A shaft of light in the door!

No –

A giant wave!

The boats crest and fall on their sea of sun.

In another cottage, the dinner is on the boil.  A good feed it is today – a kettle full of fish and a spud for all under that roof (and all is many)

The spotty dog’s lively, barking at the steam, and the children chase him outside, down through the streets, laughing.

As the breezes blow in, the shadows fall long on The Shaley Shore.

The women draw their shawls tighter around them, and the last rays of a long sunny day paint each of their faces gold.

To hear this lovely poem clink on video link below:

In addition to being immersed in community activity we are engaged with Breandán Mac Gabhann: Education & Outreach Officer for Galway City Museum to further develop the Cottage Heritage Centre, with a view to raising awareness of the Claddagh's unique social & cultural history. 

Claddagh history

We are currently applying for funding from the Arts Council / Galway City Council to compile a book of stories dedicated to older original Claddagh families, to help preserve an important part of Galway's rich, yet 'forgotten' history.

Féile na mBád, An Cladach, Cathair na Gaillimhe

The Claddagh Traditional Boat Festival,

Wednesday May 24th to Sunday May 28th 2017

Claddagh Basin, Galway


The Claddagh Traditional Boat Festival,

Wednesday May 24th to Sunday May 28th 2017

Claddagh Basin, Galway

  Hooker Festival   BÁDÓIRÍ AN CHLADAIGH

Hooker Festival


 The Vikings are Coming!

Bádóirí an Ċladaiġ’s ( The Claddagh Boatmen) Regatta 2017 will not only showcase the most beautiful Galway Hookers and Gleoiteogs in the West of Ireland, but an invasion of 2 Viking Long Boats will give this year’s event a decidedly Nordic feel.

The annual regatta will now encompass the inaugural Claddagh Traditional Boat Festival.


From Wednesday evening 24th May to Sunday 28th May 2017 the Claddagh Basin, in the heart of Galway city, will showcase twenty uniquely Galway traditional Irish boats. They will include the 5 Galway Hookers and Gleoiteogs built and refurbished by Bádóirí an Ċladaiġ to date.

The talented ship builders are on track in their plans to build a total of fourteen of these iconic vessels, representing the fourteen 14 Galway Tribes, in time for 2020, when Galway will be the European Capital of Culture.


The 2 Viking Long Boats and their crew, from Ardglass in Northern Ireland, are joining their boat making brethren in the West as guests and invaders. The Claddagh Basin will also host a Viking village for the period of the festival. Their presence will be inescapable, with a (weather dependent) full Viking invasion of Salthill on Saturday 27th May.

  Hooker Festival   BÁDÓIRÍ AN CHLADAIGH

Hooker Festival


The Traditional Hookers, Gleoiteogs and Púcans have been described as  “moving sculptures,  living and usable artefacts of our heritage“.

This will be the first opportunity to see their likes and number, in full sail, gathered and moored at the Claddagh Basin since 1920.

The Festival will also be an opportunity to demonstrate the City of the Tribes’ traditional Irish music prowess.

With the help of many of the local branches of Comhaltas Ceoltóiri Éireann there will be plenty of song and dance on the city’s street corners, and trad sessions galore.

On the quayside from Wednesday evening to Friday evening the Féile will also showcase some of Galway’s finest music and song talent.

This festival will engage with 14 primary schools in Galway, Kinvara and out the Connemara Coast so that they "adopt" one of the 14 main traditional boats to be moored in the basin. The school children will learn their history and learn about the boating tradition of the Claddagh and Vikings. They will then take a trip to the Claddagh Basin to see the boats for themselves.

Over 150 primary schools kids in Viking and Medieval Galway costume will, with the invaders from Ardglass Vikings, stage an “attack” and a “defence” of the invasion throughout the streets of Galway, from Lynch’s Castle, down Quay Street to the Spanish Arch on Thursday 12pm, Friday 12pm and Saturday 3pm of the Festival. Weather depending there will be a further invasion in Salthill on the Saturday at 6.00pm.

So at the heart of this festival is a real Galway community and voluntary sector vision and effort.

The 5 traditional Gleoiteogs and Hookers have been built, preserved or re crafted in Galway by the Bádóirí over the last number of years. This project is supported and funded by the Department of Social Protection. Galway City Council and the Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB) are also financial supporters of this endeavour and festival with the GRETB engaged in specific training and education in the marine sector.

The Latin Quarter, Galway’s Westend and The Village Salthill business groups have joined forces and all come “on board” as anchor sponsors of the event. Support for the 14 key traditional boats will also come from individual Galway City Centre and Salthill businesses.

For further details contact: 

For more information contact

Claddagh Boatmen

Peter Connolly: - 086 052 8004

Cóilí Hernan: - 087 660 1725

Ciarán Oliver: - 0872807028

Festival committee member

Caroline Mc Neill : - 085 2320131

Festival Claddagh Basin Music, School Liaison and Manuela Riedo Foundation

Eoin Durkin :  - 086 8054494

Comhaltas Ceoltóiri Éireann

Sabhbh Ní Fhátharta:   086 1016891

Peadar Bric:   086 606 4267

The Latin Quarter – Rep for Event Sponsors   

John Deely:

Galway City Arts Officer   James Harrold :

Ardglass Vikings:

Media room

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 The Building of Katie's Claddagh Cottage

The Building of Katie's Claddagh Cottage

We collaborate


Galway Salvage Gallery:

Master Stone Carver, Ray Flaherty (see Galway Salvage Gallery).

Photographer: Tommy Hannon

Bog Oak Sculptures: David Cahill.

Claddagh Prints: Tom Taheny Graphics. 



Galway Bay Boat Tours:

Brian Nolan: Tour Guide, Historian & Storyteller.  

Breandán Mac Gabhann: Education & Outreach Officer for Galway City Museum: Galway Museum 

Moth & Butterfly Story Telling & Improvisation:

Back West.  Featuring Tyrone's legendary virtuoso PJ McDonald (tin whistle and guitar), Galway's well known brother and sister duo Maureen and Brendan Browne (fiddle and button accordion) and Lord of the Dance's Peter Vickers (percussion and dance) this is not just any four piece.  They bring together three realms within both live and recorded performances: music, song and dance!   Buy their new album:

 Master Stone Carver, Ray Flaherty. 

Master Stone Carver, Ray Flaherty. 

Places to Stay: Hotel Meyrick

Info on the best things to see & places to see along the Wild Atlantic Way, only 400m from Katie's Claddagh Cottage:

Click on link: The Village Salthill.  

What to do in Galway: Click on link:

Check out this great website to find out more about this weekend's Seafest events, happening all over the city and beyond.


SeaFest, Ireland’s national maritime festival, takes place this year in Galway on Friday 30th of June to Sunday 2nd of July.

Come along and discover all about our ocean – from how we explore, to shipwrecks and creatures of the deep. SeaFest is a fun, free summer festival for all ages and the programme of events includes a seafood fair, seafood cookery demonstrations with celebrity chefs and seafaring family fun. There will be tours of ocean going vessels, leisure craft and boats, exhibits on marine life and lots more fun and educational activities.

SeaFest is a key part of Harnessing our Ocean Wealth: An Integrated Marine plan for Ireland (HOOW) and its goal of increasing participation and engagement with the sea. SeaFest also hosts the annual Our Ocean Wealth Summit.