The Heart Of Galway's Heritage 

Step back in time and enjoy one of Galway's most popular heritage attractions.  Katie’s is a restored thatched cottage that depicts traditional life in one of Ireland’s oldest fishing villages.    After enjoying our authentic turf fire, with tea, scones or homemade Irish Guinness brack, step inside our specially curated design studio at the rear of the cottage to discover some of Ireland's best contemporary & vintage interior home accessories & unique 100% Irish gifts.   

Interior Design Accessories 

Unique Vintage & Handmade Furniture & home decor

Visit us to experience both traditional & modern home & garden design, inspired by stories from the Claddagh's unique fishing village history.  

Bespoke handmade furniture.

Our authentic design brings alive Irish history & traditional culture into contemporary spaces.  

This hub of artisan activity is a chance to experience traditional Claddagh community life, as it was during the 17th - 20th century, and find the right piece of art, sculpture or architectural salvage, for your home, garden, business, studio or apartment.

100% Irish Sourced Products & Bespoke Handcrafted Art

Talamh Na N-iasc (The Land of Fish).

Photo by Anna King.

Talamh Na N-iasc (The Land of Fish)

Interior Design Accessories Inspired by Claddagh History

For centuries, fish in Ireland have been revered. There is a saying that God, who was a fisherman, wove thousands of perfect rivers and streams throughout the land of Ireland to create the perfect waterscape for both fresh and sea fish to thrive. Trout, pike, catfish, eels, as well as Oysters (St Brigit’s favorite delicacy) have been part of the fabric of Galway’s survival for countless generations. Fish are even depicted in some of our most famous legends.  

Ta an Bradan ar ais (The Salmon Returns), by Master Stone Carver, Ray Flaherty. These Wild Atlantic West Coast Inspirations are hand-carved from Connemarra Marble.


Story of Connemara Marble.  Connemara marble is one of the rarest marbles in the world, found exclusively in Recess, on the West Coast of Ireland.  It varies in color from either grey or pale green, as well as shades of moss and sage to a deep variegated dark green.  Dating from the Cambrian era, it is over 600 million years old.  It is a metamorphic rock, formed when limestone was heated under pressure.  It has many uses: art, jewellery, flooring, tiles and church altars.

An Bradan Feasa (The Salmon of widsom)    FOR SALE

An Bradan Feasa (The Salmon of widsom)


handcrafted Connemara Marble

An Bradan Feasa (The Salmon of Knowledge) and Ta an Bradan ar ais (The Salmon Returns), by Ray Flaherty. 

The King of the waterways is the Salmon of Knowledge. Graced with wisdom, courage and strength, this mythological creature represents life force, or soul. He is the Salmon of knowledge; Bradan Feasa, and he brings healing and magic to the lives of all who witness his treacherous journey toward his place of re-birth.
An Bradan Feasa is hand-carved Sandstone.

Original Glass Blown Fishing Buoys.    FOR SALE

Original Glass Blown Fishing Buoys.


claddagh design's inspiraton

 The Claddagh, a distinct Irish speaking community, is the oldest recorded fishing village in Ireland dating back to the 5th Century.  At one time, there were more than 200 fishing boats in the harbour and life revolved around ocean life.  The Claddagh villagers had their own customs, dialect & laws.  

Fish (periwinkles, limpets, cockles, mussels, herrings and eels), harvested by Galway’s famous Hooker boats, were the principle food source for many families during the Great Famine of 1845 – 47.

Talamh Na N-iasc (The Land of Fish)    FOR SALE

Talamh Na N-iasc (The Land of Fish)


Handmade from the burl of Chestnut

Inspired by The Claddagh’s fishing heritage, Talamh Na N-iasc is a symbol of survival and endurance. 


Claddagh Design

Celtic Goddess Sculpture.

Yew Goddess

 In early times the glorious yew tree had deep spiritual significance. Both druids with their belief in reincarnation and later Christians with their teachings of the resurrection, regarded it as a natural emblem of everlasting life.  It was said Druids preferred it for wand making. The name Eogan means 'born of the yew.'

It is a small to medium sized evergreen tree growing to 10-20 metres. It has needle like leaves and red berries. 

The yew is traditionally found in churchyards in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern France.  It was often planted in graveyards to keep animals from digging up bones.

Claddagh Design
Celtic Sacred Well. Pre-Christian Druid Ceremony.   SOLD

Celtic Sacred Well. Pre-Christian Druid Ceremony.


Interior Design, Inspired by Claddagh History

Handmade rope was integrated into every aspect of Claddagh life.

Our road, now known as Upper Fairhill Road, was once called Rope Walk.  Hemp and yarn ropes were made in the Claddagh up until the mid nineteenth century.  In addition to fishing, rope was critical to community life (furniture making, farming, thatching).  It featured also in folklore, songs & storytelling.